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The Direct Sales/Network Marketing world is a close one, and if you’re connected to this network of consultants and reps at all, you’ve probably heard about how a certain company was rocked to its core these past few weeks.

This company went through what many other companies have gone through in the past, but it’s consultants didn’t suffer the same fate as the others.

Have you wondered why?smalladult-attractive-beauty-255268

One word: Vision.

Oftentimes, we brush vision off as fluff. We see it as a time-suck when we could be focusing on “more important” activities.

The truth of the matter is that without a clear vision, you business does not have strong foundation. If you are working your business without a defined view of what is important to you and what you want out of your business, then when challenges come along and your business is rocked to its core, you won’t have that strong foundation to fall back on.

The leading consultants of this company actively framed and built their vision for their businesses. So when this challenge came along they had the strength to deal with the challenge head on and come out of the other side stronger.

But how in the world do we build a vision strong enough to carry us through?

Here are 3 steps to building your vision:

Step One – Define what you want your business, your life, and yourself to look like in a year to 5 years.smalladult-adventure-automobile-787452

Take the time to focus and write out what your dream business & life look like, what the best version of yourself looks like. Get as detailed as you can.

Step Two – Create reminders of key parts of your vision and put them where you will see them every day.smallclose-up-data-flatlay-1018133

For example, is your vision for your business to have a downline that is 200 consultants strong? Write it on a sticky note and pin it to your desk. Here’s the key: Write everything in the present tense, as if it has already happened. “I lead a team of 200 consultants with strength and grace.”

Step Three – Take time every day to immerse yourself in your vision.  smallaction-active-adult-685531

Whether it’s spending 10 minutes before you get out of bed picturing yourself in the life you are building or taking 10 minutes at the end of the day to write in a vision journal, give your vision a workout each day.

Life and business is full of challenges and setbacks, but with a strong vision, you’ll never lose sight of your goals!



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