You are in the queue to be sorted into your boutique group!

Please allow 24 hours to be sorted into your group. Once you are sorted into your group, you’ll receive an email with the link to your group, please request to join the group as soon as you receive your link.

If you have not received the email with your boutique group link after 24 hours, please message the registration page ASAP: m.me/105535921689951

*Vendor’s join requests will be approved between 3pm-5pm EST Tuesday-Saturday. If you request to join your group during or after this time, you won’t be approved until the next day.*

Do not post to the group yet!

Vendors will be made moderators and posting times will be sent out on Monday!

Once you have requested to join your group and are approved to the group, you will see a welcome post. Feel free to:
-tag your guests in the comments to welcome them
-post icebreaker games in the comments.

How to Add Your Guests to Your Boutique Group:

Please don’t send your guests the group link and have them request to join, they will not be approved that way.

You will need to use the Invite button at the top of the group to add your guests.

Once you add your guests, the BBB Team will need to approve them to the group. This lets us keep track of who has/has not invited their guests.

Guests will receive their invite notification after they have been approved to the group.

Guests will be approved between 3pm -5pm EST each day. If you add guests during or after this time, they may not be approved until the next day.

After your guests have been approved, then you may send the group link to them in a message and instruct them to click the “Join” button so they will be able to participate!

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