Build Your Brand MasterClass

"I don't know how to post about my products
without feeling salesy and spammy."

"I know I should brand myself, but I have no idea where to start!"

"I never know what to post!
I run out of ideas so I just copy and paste what my upline posts,
but when I do I don't get half the interaction my upline does,
I don't know what I'm doing wrong."

These are just some of the problems that Boss Babe Vendors have come to me with over the past 4 years and I’m guessing that they’re not alone. Chances are you’ve thought some of the same things while working your business.

I remember when I was relaunching my business after giving birth to my 3rd and thinking… there has got to be a better way!

Spoiler alert, there is.

But unfortunately it’s not something that is taught at the Network Marketing or Small Business level very often. As a result, a lot of people see Network Marketers and Small Business owners as spammy, sales-obsessed clones who only care about pressuring their family and friends to buy from them… which simply isn’t true! 99% of the vendors that I have worked with truly care about making a positive impact in people’s lives; they just haven’t been taught how to do that in a service-driven, strategic way.

But wait a second. What does branding have to do with strategy?

And what does branding have to do with how and what I post about my products?

Well… just everything.

Branding is not just about visual aspects… your brand colors, your images, your fonts. Branding affects everything about your business. What you post, when you post it, the way you interact with your audience, the relationships your build with your customers.


Branding is essential to long-term success in your business!

The Build Your Brand MasterClass is designed to walk you through each step of the branding process so that when you have completed the training you have created:

A personal brand that looks, feels, and sounds like you

From images that stand out from the crowd, to posts that grab your audience’s attention and build know-like-trust relationships that lead to sales.

A never-ending well of ideas for your social media posts.

You’ll never wonder what to post again! Create 3, 6, even 12 months of posts that constantly breed new post ideas.

A social media strategy that attracts your biggest fans.

No more chasing down prospects and feeling like you’re pressuring them to buy. Your biggest fans will come to you ready to learn and buy when you implement the strategies taught in the BYB MasterClass!

This MasterClass is valued at over $597

But as a special thank you to my Boss Babe Vendors for your part in making Boss Babe Boutiques the biggest online vendor network, I’m offering the BYB MasterClass for only $47 in a special, small-group setting where you’ll have the opportunity to get feedback from me as you build your brand!

This is the only time I will be offering such a big discount, the price of the MasterClass will go up substantially in future sessions.

This special session of the Build Your Brand MasterClass will be held February 1st-12th within a private Facebook Group.

We will have 6 Instruction Days (replays will be available) and 6 Implementation Days (where you have time to work through the instruction/resources given and ask questions) so that everyone has time to build their brand alongside their busy lives!

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