Want to learn the Top 3 Business Strategies for attracting Team Members?

Want to learn the Top 3 Business Strategies for attracting Team Members who want to work their businesses like Boss Babes without having to chase them down and feeling like a huge spam-goblin?

I’ll send them to you for free!

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What the heck is Boss Babe Boutiques?

Boss Babe Boutiques provides a unique, online opportunity for small or home-based businesses to network. Since 2016, we’ve given vendors access to online events designed to expand vendors’ networks and help them meet their next best customers.

Boss Babe Boutiques has the largest vendor network online so you can be sure that whatever event you register for, you will meet new contacts outside of your current circle!

What’s so special about it?

The Boss Babe Boutiques experience is unlike any online networking opportunity out there. Vendors are given training designed to help them get the most out of each boutique and events are structured and well organized. Each vendor gets their own spotlight within the event to promote their business and products, and guests are excited and engaged in the boutiques!

Check out what your fellow Boss Babes have to say about their BBB experience:

Want more information about Boss Babe Boutiques and how the events work?

Message our Facebook Page to get all of the info!

Check out all of the event details, if you have questions about anything just ask to “Talk to Jamie” and she’ll be there ASAP to help you out!

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