Vendor training begins tomorrow! (2/8) I am so excited to work with everyone!

Please make sure that you keep up with the training messages, they will guide you to the Boutique Training unit that contains information about the rules and set-up of the event you must know and abide by.

They will also give you the instructions you need to be added to your boutique group!

Deadlines will be announced later to ensure you are meeting requirements outlined in the vendor form you filled out, you are responsible for meeting those deadlines in order to participate in the event. Rest assured, I give plenty of notice!

Please email info@bossbabeboutiques with any questions!

Please allow up to 24 hours for responses to messages outside of the automated messages.

You will often get a response sooner, but my tasks to organize and set up the events must take priority so that I have everything ready for vendors on time.

I promise I will respond to any questions ASAP!

Training begins tomorrow, keep an eye out for messages and get excited!!!

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